Orientation week is a hectic and fun week which you will come to look upon fondly for the remainder of your time at CBS. Be prepared to take full advantage of it!

1. Don't schedule any other appointments or meetings during the first week - you'll be busy all day and night. This is really important, every year we get students that schedule appointments (e.g., to look for housing, to open bank account) in their week of orientation, and then have to cancel them. These things have to be done before orientation.
2. Get plenty of sleep the previous weekend.
3. Be prepared for lots of energy; loud cheering and various cluster identifiers are a vehicle to build relationships and show pride for CBS.
4. Outside of Sunday's class reception, dress is very casual; jeans, shorts, tshirts, and flipflops are all fine, outside weather permitting. Just remember to layer! Classrooms are always too hot or too cold so you'll want to be prepared for either.

Key Dates for January of 2011 Orientation

  • International Orientation: January 5-6, 2011 (Wednesday and Thursday during the day)*
  • CBS Orientation : January 9-24, 2011

*For international students

Optional Math and Excel courses in week two of Orientation