Divya Goel
Singapore, Mumbai
Alma Mater: National University of Singapore; Finance, Management
E-mail: DGoel10@gsb.columbia.edu

Pre-MBA Career: FX Trader
Target Industry: Banking - Sales & Trading
Are you a Career Changer? No
Favorite CBS Class: Leadership
CBS Activities: The Bottom Line (School Newspaper), Editor-in-Chief
Cluster E Reporter and Editor for the E-NSIDER

1st Year Survival Tip:
Learn to love your calendar. Use the free time before semester starts to schedule in the whole semester's classes, corporate events, assignments and club events you want to attend. Update it every weekend as the semester goes on. Once things become crazy, knowing that you can rely on your calendar to tell you where to be, makes planning your day much easier and takes away the fear of missing out on important events.

1st Year Academic Tip:
In the early weeks of each class, evaluate and decide what your learning goals for it are. If grades are your priority, know that the core classes are evaluated on a curve and really think about how many of your classmates 'need' an H in that class (ala Corp Fin). The amount of effort needed to get an H may exponentially escalate in classes like that, so be sure you are comfortable with the trade-offs in your time required.

1st Year Recruiting Advice/Tip:
Recruiting is different in intensity depending on what industry/function you're targeting. Banking/S&T recruiting tends to be very time consuming as well as mentally and emotionally draining. If you are recruiting for these, especially in this market, be prepared mentally for a long and hard slog. Second years are great resources to help you through the process so tap them, sometimes small tips from them on how they managed the grueling ride, can really help ease the load.
Are you an International Student? Yes

NYC Cultural/Dining Must Do:
Once summer returns, take long walks in the city. Getting lost is difficult, both because there's always a subway to pop into and because of the grid. So explore the city on foot. You'll be surprised at how the colors and characteristics of neighborhoods change within a few blocks. And you'll stumble upon bistros, restaurants and bars that just might become your favorites in the city!

Hobbies/Favorite Pastime:
Reading. Currently in the middle of Bill Bryson's Shakespeare.

Additional Information (Claim to Fame / Interesting Fact):
Made a million dollars in a single trade earlier this year and got no bonus for it!