We love feedback on our Wiki and we love answering your questions. The best way to get in contact with us through the the facebook group at CBS MBA class of 2012.
Many of us Peer Advisors have already joined this group and introduced ourselves in the message boards, feel free to contact us.

In addition, if you feel that your question can be better answered on a 1:1 basis, you can find a listing of all Peer Advisors on the official Business School site. Each Peer Advisor has a profile with information such as our email addresses, pre-Columbia industries, undergraduate institution, and more!

Finally, if you are looking for a Peer Advisor from a specific country, you can find a listing of all international Peer Advisors here.

Please feel free to ask us ANYTHING and we will try our best to respond to your questions as soon as possible. Where appropriate, we will also post responses on the Wiki so as to build on the body of information