The school, in coordination with the Green Business Club and the Columbia University Office of Environmental Stewardship, has done a number of things to reduce the school’s environmental foot print, focusing on everything from printing to recycling. Here are some key initiatives that students are participating in, and we hope you will join us too:

  • Water bottles – drinking water is good for you, but discarding plastic bottles isn’t so good for the environment. You will be given a cool CBS-branded reusable water bottle during orientation, so you can stay hydrated and show your school pride at the same time. These bottles can be filled with chilled, filtered water at a number of locations around school for free – your PAs will show you where once you get here. The other benefit is, you can take these water bottles into the library, whereas regular disposable bottles are not allowed!
  • Coffee – drinking lots of coffee is not so good for you, but we’re b-school students and so we do it anyway. Again, you will be given a cool CBS-branded travel coffee mug, that you can use in the school’s deli and coffee shops, and cut down on paper cup waste. Using these cups gets you a discount on coffee, and allows you to take your coffee into the library (paper cups are not allowed!)
  • Happy Hour – During orientation your cluster will be designing its own t-shirts and beer steins to use at happy hour. The steins cut down on plastic cup waste, and let you get more beer per serving, so you spend less time waiting. Most students keep their steins in their lockers, and rinse them out after happy hour.
  • Printing – the school’s printers are set to print double-sided by default, and cover pages have been eliminated. Beyond that, we trust you to use your judgment and make sure you only print things that are necessary. Besides, using electronic documents means less clutter in your backpack/locker/desk…
  • Recycling – the school makes it really easy to recycle, since there are three bins everywhere. Just take a second to make sure you’re throwing your refuse into the correct bin.