The Columbia Better Halves is a group with the goal of creating a venue for significant others, fiancées, spouses and families of Columbia Business School students to meet one another. Our goal is to assist those who recently moved to NYC in as they develop a social network and to help locals expand their circle of friends. In short, we are here to help and to offer our perspective on the transition from the “real world” back to being students.
As part of our goal, we have set up an optional Better Halves orientation for significant others to attend which will run in relative concert with the mandatory new student orientation. During this orientation we will be offering our perspective on the transition to New York and Columbia as well as what to expect while you are here. We have planned several activities to better acquaint you with the city, the school and hopefully one another. We are really excited to welcome you to Columbia and hope to get to know you soon. The complete schedule will be available later this year.