The general consensus is that coming to business school requires a change in priorities and that having a partner or significant other is just another factor to consider in finding your own balance. If you have a partner or significnat other you will probably have slightly different priorities compared to those who are single, just as you would if you are older / younger or live close to or far away from school but this is in no way a positive or negative thing, just a difference ...

Many people have partners and significant others that are outside the immediate columbia community and manage this balance perfectly well. Different significant others have different levels of involvement in school life - some get involved and are almost like another member of your cluster, some don't get involved at all but most find a happy medium.

Experience suggests that if you have been in the NYC area for a while or live particularly far away, your significant other may not want to hang out at CBS as much as those who are new to the area and don't have a ton of friends here already and / or live close to campus anyway. [See also the CBS Better Halves Club which is well suited to partners not from NYC, especially those with children]

Our recommendation is to invite them to as many of our events as you can (almost all social events are open to them - INCLUDING happy hour) where they will always get a big welcome, but do not push too hard if they don't want to come to everything. Finding your personal perfect balance will take some time, so don’t worry if the first few weeks or months at school are a difficult juggling act between CBS and personal life in general.

See also - Better Halves Orientation
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