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RE : The attire question!

We get numerous emails on what to wear for orientation and also questions on brands and even what is the right shade of gray for a woolen trench coat, so let me take this step by step!

For Orientation

The phrase last year was something like "you could turn up in flip flops and a bathing costume or flippers and a wet suit and we
wouldn't really care". To be a bit more helpful, its pretty casual (jeans, T's, Polo's, slacks etc) though I know this advice is harder
for women (girls, please help me out!!!).

I really am not the right person to hand out sartorial advice (thank goodness the PA's are given bright blue t shirts to wear all through
the week), but my only build to the above is to consider that this is going to be an intense week where you will have to take in a lot of
information and will also be partying hard and having a lot of fun, meeting for the first time a lot of people who you will be closely
involved with over the next two years and probably for the rest of your life! So think 'comfort' (as an aside, its usually hot in August
and some of the rooms you will be in might me 212 degrees, so shorts are good if that is your bag) but also the impression you want to
make (while being yourself) ...

For Recruiting

This is slightly easier ...

Fellow PA's correct me if I'm wrong, but off site recruiting events (banking, consulting etc) are always business formal (suits) unless
flagged otherwise. Dress to impress, but this is no different to when you will have had a job interview or interaction the past. Obviously,
I'm sure there could be exceptions, but don't be afraid to ask them, someone who has worked there before or career services.

On site presentations and coffee chats (of which there are many) are harder, but to my recollection, many people dressed either in suits
or smart casual for these too. One of the benefits of living close to school is you can get changed easily, which is great if you are going
out that night too, but it can be managed via lockers etc if not.

I probably was dressed casual (jeans and polo) to some of these events (but I'm not doing banking) but never 'shorts and flip flops'
(wouldn't make the right impression of who I am). Basically, its horses for courses but we will cover this off in more detail over
orientation ...

General sartorial advice

If you want to know what is in and out, there are plenty of 'fashionistas' at CBS (the Retail and Luxury Goods Club is a good
haven for them, though I'm a member of that club too!). People, please chip in on this years hottest fashion trends ...

But, to be clear, my advice is, if you are a casual guy, be casual. If you are a dressy girl, be dressy. If brands are important to you,
be branded. If they are not, don't be. Clothes are important, but vary according to who you are and what you want to do - banking has a
certain image and vibe that is different to marketing, for example, which will influence the 'norm' and the clothes you might wear, but
this is circular, as this is also influenced by the type of people who go into banking or marketing and what they are like as people!
I've had jobs where it was a formal suit everyday and others where it was combat pants and t-shirts - it was right for that culture and
that industry and I then had to decide if that culture and industry was right for me, including the 'uniform' that might be a norm ...

In terms of attire, you will find CBS to be as diverse in this as in many other things. There are certain norms that you will pick up on
and many people dress in a 'uniform' way, but that reflects them, their interests and what they want to do and there are just as many
people who dress in their own individual and nique style ... so just remember, this is NYC, where anything goes (within reason) and its
important to be and express yourself!!!

Long answer to a short question ... guys, lets have some debate and fellow PA's, help me please!!!

Re: Attire
In order to save my fellow peer advisor from ending up on TLC's "What Not to Wear" show, I would like to chime in from a girl's perspective.

In terms of attire, much like giving a presentation, you must know your audience.

For orientation, the group is your fellow peers, hence the attire is casual. You can wear jeans/shorts and a t-shirt and that will be fine.
All the professors and speakers that come to events related to orientation understand that you are all students with a busy week ahead
of you and do not expect you to come formally dressed.

For networking events with companies, it is best to at least dress in business casual attire. Don't worry about brands. Companies tend to
value your mind more so than your wallet. As long as you are appropriately dressed, you should have nothing to worry about.

Of course, as we learned in Statistics, there are always outliers. Hence, for investment banking, I would assume that you would need to
dress to impress. Therefore, I would recommend for you to wear a suis to any event related to this field.

Otherwise, from day to day, you can wear whatever it is you feel is appropriate.

Re: Attire:
Also women - please remember that the days are long, so wear comfortable shoes or bring flip flops as a backup. Also, some times the rooms are cold, so a sweater or jacket is also a good idea to have on hand as well.